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IWEMA enterprise is the first and only supplier of real DIY-kits for Land and Range Rover and other cars. We were able to develop  LPG systems as the HURRICANE and the TYPHOON which are not only reaching our high quality and the European E4 and 67-01 safety standards but which are also easy to install and maintain.

In most European countries like Holland, UK, Germany etc. you are allowed to install your own LPG system.
As long as the system is proper installed according to the legislation 

Therefore all IWEMA-LPG DIY-kits are supplied with a detailed step by step installation instruction. The kits contain all the necessary parts for a complete LPG conversion. The following items will be supplied depending on the type of LPG system and engine:

    • Instruction manual
    • LPG tank, valved and tested
    • Tank valve box
    • External LPG filler
    • LPG tank frame with tension straps and protection rubber
    • Vaporiser
    • LPG solenoid
    • CV-lift set (only with the Typhoon system for engines with variable choke carbs.)
    • Mixer
    • ECOmax main flow adjuster (only with the TYPHOON and HURRICANE systems)
    • Petrol shut off (solenoid or simulator)
    • LPG feed pipe
    • Hoses for water, gas, LPG filling, breather valve box (and special petrol hoses for carb. engines)
    • T-pieces for water connections
    • Wiring loom
    • LPG/petrol switch or petrol starter switch for injection
    • Analogue LPG gauge on the dash (only with the TYPHOON and HURRICANE systems)
    • Vacuum gauge for setting up the system only with the TYPHOON and HURRICANE systems (optional for all systems in UK)
    • Replacement crankcase breather parts (only with the TYPHOON and HURRICANE systems)
    • All the necessary small parts such as jubilee clips, cable ties, spades, LPG pipe clamps, bolts, nuts, screws, grommets, go-through, plugs


    • L-jet opener (only for 3.5 EFI; backfire protection and more power)


    • Timing advance processor only with the TYPHOON and HURRICANE systems (optional for all systems in UK)
    • Additive dispenser (optional)
    • Flaring tools (optional)


    • Etc., etc.,

      More information:   components or LPG systems .

    More information for Germany:   Legislation .