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IWEMA enterprise gathers components from all over the world to build the best LPG system for your car, motor home or boat.

Because IWEMA enterprise uses very high quality standards it is sometimes necessary to manufacture our own components. By doing this it is possible to offer you a superb LPG system.


Some of our special components are shown on this page to give you an impression of the quality of IWEMA LPG systems.

This photo shows an example of the latest 40 litres sill LPG tank.

Two of these tanks will fit under all classic Land- and Range Rovers.

For more information about the different models and sizes of or LPG tanks: Tanks


This photo shows a BULL'S EYE a 50 mm mixer which is specially designed by IWEMA enterprise for the HURRICANE LPG system. The BULL'S EYE is suitable for engines up to 400 bhp when 2 vaporisers are connected.
The same BULL'S EYE mixer is also available with one connection for use on engines up to 300 bhp with a single vaporiser.

This photo shows a HURRICANE- BULL'S EYE 60 mm mixer which is specially designed for V8 carburetor engines up to 200 bhp.
To gain maximum performance this BULL'S EYE mixer must be installed without a main flow adjuster.
The setting up of the system is done by raising or lowering the top cover.
Therefore this type of BULL'S EYE mixer is comparable with a standard mixer with a venturi of 42 / 47 mm, according to the adjustment.

This photo shows a 77 mm active mixer which is specially designed to be used on big 4 barrel carburetors like: Holley, Q-jet, Edelbrock, Carter, Weber, Predators etc..
The active mixer is suitable for engines of 350 bhp and more when only one vaporiser is connected (with a 1 inch LPG hose!!).
The mixer is installed between the carburetor elbow adapter plate and the air filter .
To avoid damage caused by a backfire (normally never occurs) there is a back-fire valve installed on the elbow adapter plate.
This mixer is suitable for big V8 engines as installed in (sports) cars and motor homes.

More information:   TORNADO or TORNADO 450 or LPG Systems .

For photos of installed systems see also special cars .

This Photo shows the ECOmax . The ECOmax is a vacuum controlled main flow adjuster which is included in the Typhoon and the HURRICANE LPG systems.
The ECOmax regulates the LPG flow according to the engine load.
During full load the LPG/air mixture will be a little rich and during partual load the LPG/air mixture will be a little lean. The result is an engine that runs economically and will give maximum power on demand.

This photo shows a L-jet opener.
The L-jet opener opens the air flap inside the L-jet while driving on LPG. If a back-fire occurs the pressure can pass without damaging the air flow meter.
Because the air flow is not restricted by the air flap the the power will increase.



This photo shows the a IWEMA enterprise LPG level gauge on the left and a vacuum gauge on the right.
The stabilized LPG level gauge shows the amount of LPG in your tank(s) (LED also available).
The vacuum gauge can be used for setting up the LPG system or monitoring the fuel consumption while driving.
The housing is   optional.


This photo shows a IWEMA enterprise dispenser bottle.
The dispenser bottle can be used for injecting liquids into the inlet manifold.
The dispenser bottle is suitable for the following fluids:
Led replacement, cylinder head lubrication, combustion chamber cleaner, etc.

This photo shows a IWEMA enterprise timing advance processor. The timing advance processor makes the difference between driving on LPG or petrol less.
More information: Timing Advance Processor
Test results: Range Rover 3.9