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Frozen vaporisers and injector banks?

Many LPG systems from other suppliers suffer from these problems in winter.
Specially high performance engines in heavy cars can suffer from freezing when the engine consumes a lot of LPG.
Most Italian built vaporisers are designed for small engines.
Small engines don't use a lot of LPG and this makes it possible to build a small vaporiser with a low capacity heat exchange chamber.
The advantage is that the vaporiser will fit easy under every bonnet.

Some importers try to upgrade the LPG system to be able to use them on the powerful engines.
Often they achieve good results when cars are used during the warmer months.

In the winter months we often see vaporisers and injector banks  made by other manufacturers get frozen.
Once they are frozen the engine will run badly or refuse to run at all.

We solved this problems for our colleagues by designing and manufacturing external heating systems for vaporisers.
Once the external heating system is installed the temperature of the vaporiser will be suitable for using the LPG system during extreme cold periods in winter.

An example:

A BMW was suffering from freezing problems while driving at speeds of 200 km/h (125 mph) with outside temperatures of 0 C.
By connecting the LPG system to the laptop we were able to monitor the temperature of the vaporiser.
The software showed a coolant temperature of 56
C inside the vaporiser.
After connecting the external heating system the heat transfer was taken over by the external heating system.
The temperature went up to 74

The freezing problems were solved.

The lower the temperature of the vaporiser the more effective the external heating system becomes.

We manufacture 3 sizes of external heating systems.

- low capacity external heating system for up to 200bhp.
50.00 EURO

- high capacity external heating system for 200 bhp up to 350 bhp.
60.00 EURO

- extreme high capacity external heating system for 350 bhp and more.
Price on request.

If your LPG system suffers from freezing problems, ask your installer to install an external heating system, or contact us for ordering a system.

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